Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 12 August, 2009

- "prayer" by christian death (only theatre of pain) *
- "song of faith" by love is colder than death (eclipse)
- "ou vont les chiens?" by ataraxia (paris spleen)
- "cindirella" by pro memoria (transmission continues)
- "shadowplay" by joy division (still)
- "geste pale" by les enfants de l'ombre (mea pulpa)
- "la ciega" by gorgonas (deathrock)
- "deadline" by leningrad sandwich (heat)
- "lycantropia" by miguel and the living dead (postcards from the other side)
- "to ramble in the hills" by burning blue (the challenge from beyond)
- "remaining zero" by spiritual cramp (time)
- "dragonfly (edit)" by android lust (devour, rise & take flight)
- "stinkfist" by lydia lunch & clint ruin (stinkfist)

* feature album

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