Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 4 February, 2009

- "the ice (feels three feet thick between us)" by aarktika (no solace in sleep)
- "annwyn, beneath the waves (acoustic)" by faith & the muse (vera causa)
- "i wish" by this ascension (sever)
- "the judas in me" by subterfuge (bouquet of barbed wire)
- "flesh" by darkness visible (demo)
- "alien in my head" by scarlett & the spooky spiders (pop up your eyes & thrill)
- "dial z for zombie" by mad marge & the stonecutters (liberated)
- "voodoo bunnies" by phantom cowboys (down & out at the club cruella)
- "you don't know where you've got yourself into" by quidam (pull the strings)
- "sweet is evil" by bloody dead and sexy (narcotic room)
- "quiero ser santa" by paralisis permanente (los singles)
- "fade" by league of nations (music for the new depression)
- "spellbound" by siouxsie & the banshees (juju)

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