Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 21 May, 2008

- "the garden" by einsturzende neubauten (ende neu)
- "across the burning plains" by apaenitentia (the circle is complete)
- "lalki na srnurkach" by bete noire (art brut)
- "every angel (7" remix)" by all about eve (every angel)
- "the hues of longing" by mors syphilitica (feather & fate)
- "kissing the skylight" by seventh seance (clockwork orange)
- "she isis" by the fifteenth (andelain)
- "junk college" by sadie sads (box with little doll)
- "children of tomorrow" by deadchovsky (spiritus sancti bizarre)
- "ghost rider" by bodysnatcher (shadow)
- "newspeak (room 101)" by all gone dead (fallen & forgotten)
- "zikir" by bauhaus (go away white)

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