Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 25 February, 2009

- "the garden" by einsturzende neubauten (ende neu)
- "all we ever wanted was everything" by blade fetish (the passion of covers)
- "piscean mars" by delphinium ( release)
- "qual" by xmal deutschland (fetisch)
- "caucasian walk" by virgin prunes (... if i die, i die)
- "el ultimo suspiro" by quidam (pull the strings)
- "we came from venus" by sanguis et cinis (alright, let's rock!)
- "barbaric breath" by morthem vlade art (herbo dou diable)
- "broken teeth" by cemetary girlz (cemetary girlz)
- "mi ataud" by acid bats (demo)
- "leave something witchy" by lugosi's morphine (the horror of it all vol.2)
- "death of the party" by vladimirs (serpent girl & songs to shed the skin)
- "jack the ripper" by the sharks (psycho killers)
- "holy hack jack" by demented are go (in sickness & in health)

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