Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 26 August, 2009

- "flute song" by cranes (future songs)
- "the sabbath" by asylum party (borderline)
- "dulce agonia" by sor obscena (antologia)
- "haborym" by subterfuge (darkland awakening)
- "no more god" by voices of masada (four corners)
- "natassia" by dr arthur krause (after countless troubles & tribulations)
- "die kunst" by l'avis g821 (musique en la sante chapelle)
- "juz blisko" by siekara (now aleksandria)
- "active verbs" by the phantom limbs (displacement)
- "dogs" by christian death (only theatre of pain)*
- "bite of dog" by die form (rose au couer violet)
- "parasite" by emergence (eschaton)

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