Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 26 March, 2008

- "why we cried" by kutna hora (will or nothing)
- "somewhat previous (acoustic" by brillig (demo)
- "howard hughes" by rasputina (thanks for the ether)
- "rose clouds of holocaust" by death in june (rose clouds of holocaust)
- "rats" by disjecta membra (achromaticia)
- "thorns" by screaming for emily (malice)
- "double dare" by bauhaus (in the flat field)
- "undone" by bauhaus (go away white)
- "painted black" by mephisto walz (early recordings 1985 - 1988)
- "where good girls go to die" by london after midnight (psycho magnet)
- "mangled entities" by sister mary shoelace (the blasphemous ceremony)
- "axiom" by s.i.n.a. (snapshot)

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