Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 10 June, 2009

- "strength" by arcana (the power of a new aeon)
- "magia nera" by darkside cowboys (new alternatives III)
- "mute" by blade fetish (absinthe)
- "can't be love" by pink turns blue (ghost)
- "burn" by winterland (ceremony)
- "labyrinthine" by die laughing (heaven in decline)
- "the hand of man" by faith & the muse (annywyn, beneath the waves)
- "echoes of despair" by gotterdamnmerung (kin-burst 9104)
- "nightmare" by screams for tina (strobelight funeral 12")
- "burnt offerings" by christian death (only theatre of pain)
- "plants" by red voice choir (a thousand reflections)
- "children write on missiles" by scarlet's remains (the palest grey)
- "throwing rocks in the sewer" by subtonix (tarantism)

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