Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 10 December, 2008

- "omnes gentes plaudites (the drinking song)" by medieval babes (undrentide)

- "she lives alone" by fear of dolls (she dances happily to happy songs)

- "tales of innocence" by gitane demone (with love & dementia)

- "white rabbit" by the damned

- "how soon is now?" by the smiths (meat is murder)

- "violent world" by 45 grave (sleep in safety)

- "cemetary girl" by penis flytrap (tales of terror)

- "bichos" by quidam (bats from europe)

- "walk away" by voices of masada (another day)

- "better off dead" by pins & needles (pins & needles)

- "you're only dreaming" by system 56 (strobelights vol.3)

- "once in a lifetime" by wolfsheim (spectators)

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