Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 3 September, 2008

- "45 grave" by 45 grave (sleep in safety)
- "elixir" by black ice (terrible birds)
- "figurative theatre" by christian death (only theatre of pain)
- "standing" by vendemmian (one eye open)
- "blind witness" by jerusalem syndrome (the book of days)
- "the lovers delight" by catastrophe ballet (bats from europe)
- "1945" by jacquy bitch (haine)
- "lily in the valley" by moonchild (new alternatives II)
- "sahara seas" by judith (le reveuse)
- "(now, we see) the swine" by suspiria (dancefloor tragedy)
- "god is god" by juno reactor (bible of dreams)
- "why don't we do it in the road?" by lydia lunch (with j.g. thirwell) (widowspeak)
- "necromancy" by soil & eclipse (necromancy)

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