Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 16 April, 2008

- "good morning sun" by death in june (the rule of thirds)
- "fish & knife" by trance to the sun (bloom flowers, bloom)
- "after the witchtrial" by mothburner (fading shores)
- "saved" by bauhaus (go away white)
- "deep ocean, vast sea" by peter murphy (deep)
- "hospital" by naughty zombies (demo)
- "this is the macabre life" by astrovamps (gods & monsters)
- "forever and a day" by charnal house (dark eyed and starry they were vol.2)
- "path of the unknown" by jerusalem syndrome (dark eyed and starry they were vol.2)
- "love and hatred" by the cruxshadows (ethernaut)
- "hide n seek" by body snatchers
- "klatsche in die hande" by tragic error (klatsche in die hande)
- "green gang" by legendary pink dots (instants inquiets 2)

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