Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 12 September, 2007

- "land's end" by ostia (between two cities)
- "honour" by of the wand and the moon (sonneheim)
- "done dun" by lydia lunch (honeymoon in red)
- "pimp stick" by bain wolfkind (music for lovers & gangsters)
- "the crypt" by the southern death cult (the southern death cult)
- "here cum germs" by alien sex fiend (the best of alien sex fiend)
- "overland" by children on stun (overland)
- "city of the gods" by the last dance (tragedy)
- "eyes of infamy" by the horatii (riposte)
- "hey ho armageddon" by bloody dead & sexy (paint it red)
- "falling" by athamay (the goth witch project)
- "regret (combichrist remix)" by icon of coil (uploaded and remixed)
- "monkey business" by architect (distorted 2005)

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