Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 16 July, 2008

- "belle eqoue (scatter mix)" by in the nursery (in the nursery)
- "venus in furs" by christian death (the path of sorrows)
- "{-}" by sanctum (the absolute supper)
- "cut" by miranda sex garden (fairytales of slavery)
- "in the night" by bauhaus (the sky has gone out)
- "walking on both sides" by pink turns blue (reunion)
- "burning image" by burning image (1983-1987)
- "i want to look like the new dark age model" by deadchovsky (spiritus sancti bizarre)
- "zombie haut-couture" by the last days of jesus (dead machines revolution)
- "pile on the agony" by gotterdammerung (a body & a birthmark)
- "end of P.L.U.R." by mechanised convulsions (questionable normality)

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