Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 5 November, 2008

- "the oath" by coph nia (flowers made of snow)
- "come fall" by lydia lunch (honeymoon in red)
- "exterminating angel" by the creatures (anima animus)
- "alice" by sisters of mercy (some girls wander by mistake)
- "shy" by peter murphy (deep)
- "mexico sundown blues" by james ray & the performance (a new kind of assassin)
- "shattered" by uk decay (for madmen only)
- "wake up gods" by kismet (wake up gods)
- "definitive item" by nova state conspiracy (new alternatives II)
- "today i woke up to the rain of blood" by combichrist (everybody hates you)
- "the blade" by front line assembly (the blade)

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