Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 13 May, 2009

- "so sure" by skeletal family (ritual)
- "sparks" by faith and the muse (elyria)
- "stigmata martyr" by bauhaus (in the flat field)
- "no love lost" by joy division (substance)
- "cry wolf" by 1919 (cry wolf)
- "el acto" by paralisis permanente (el acto)
- "ite miss est" by deadchovsky (spiritus sancti)
- "whispers" by joy disaster (paranoia)
- "sister found the cure" by the limit club (phantom cats)
- "one last drink a the club cruella" by the phantom cowboys (club cruella)
- "9th day" by the deep eynde (shadowland)
- "i don't wanna but i do" by the spook show (psychosexual chapter 1)
- "the island of zombie women" by the horatii (what sweet music they make)
- "your dead" by the brains (the brains)

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