Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 28 January, 2009

- "la messe noire" by ah-cama sotz (the way to heresy)
- "a votre guise" by ataraxia (paris spleen)
- "conversations with chaos" by stone 588 (the challenge from beyond)
- "mediterranean widow" by cinema strange (cinema strange)
- "devils! prophets! blind men! ghosts!" darlings (darlings' cabinet of sundry horror)
- "bichos (dj speakmarauder remix)" by quidam (pull the strings)
- "akynetik" by MAV (enter)
- "shall i carry the budgie woman?" by bone orchard (gothic rock 3)
- "lapse" by the guilty party (new dark age vol.4)
- "bare your claws" by eat your make up (things as they should be)
- "paranoia" by joy disaster (paranoia)
- "awfully sinister" by suspiria (drama)
- "smothered hope" by skinny puppy (remission)
- "paradies!?" by calva y nada (el pesto perverso lleva mi peluca)

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