Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 1 April, 2009

- "alienautic" by xorcist (nomad)
- "fell to regret" by monica richards (infrawarrior)
- "exhibition" by this ascension (walk softly, a dream lies here)
- "thy will" by the veil (surrender)
- "skin trade" by disjecta membra (achromaticia)
- "sticks in my brain" by martin dupont (just because)
- "where the noisy crash left all behind" by quidam (pull the strings)
- "velvet kiss" by funhouse (never again)
- "rebirth" by lemon avenue (candles & intrigue vol.2)
- "voodoo blues" by the vincent razorbacks (volume 13)
- "zombie girl" by resurex (beyond the grave)
- "i turned into a martian" by misfits (walk among us)
- "la parata del circo" by bohemian (in the nigh time sampler)

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