Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 17 June, 2009

- "a cup of tea for suzuky" by vox populi! (aither)
- "strange kind of love" by peter murphy (deep)
- "waste of time (acoustic)" by silke bischoff (northern lights)
- "forever came today" by shadow project (from the heart)
- "louise" by clan of xymox (medusa)
- "ruined spirit" by dead souls rising (clepsydre)
- "after dark" by das projekt der krummen mauren (under the southern sun)
- "funeral" by gorgonas (demo)
- "today" by southern death cult (southern death cult)*
- "meagcity 3" by spizzenergi (the very best of spizz)*
- "hit gone wrong" by deadbolt (haight street hippie massacre)*
- "hollywood babylon" by misfits (so who's paranoid?)*
- "le clown est mort" by neva (mea pulpa)

* - especially selected by the voodoo bunny, brett

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