Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 17 September, 2008

- "always dear iris" by skinner box (the playhouse)
- "the jeweller" by this mortal coil (filagree & shadow)
- "ideals & pains" by love is colder than death (eclipse)
- "a god in an alcove" by bauhaus (swing the heartache)
- "madame hate's mad search for love" by human drama (cause & effect)
- "years" by voices of masada (another day)
- "incest" by joy disaster (paranoia)
- "fixed her head into a wall" by quidam (pull the strings)
- "possessed" by strip mall seizures (radioactive decay)
- "exposition" by charles de goal (radioactive decay)
- "golden years" by david bowie (station to station)

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