Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shadowplay Live - 10 October, 2009

We (loosely) played sets of a few songs each for this event, the same way we do for the actual show. Pretty unconventional approach, but it worked well :)

- ‘Double-Barrel Prayer’ by Diamanda Galas
- ‘The Sick Rose’ by The Protagonist
- ‘City Of The Future’ by Shinjuku Thief
- ‘Track 6’ by Der Blutharsch
- ‘Another Moth-Eaten Happiness’ by Black Lung
- ‘Moth & Rust’ by Cradle/Grave
- ‘Nomad’ by Xorcist
- ‘La Messe Noire’ by Ah Cama-Sotz
- ‘Devil’ by Modele Martial
- ‘Necropole’ by Luz de Velas
- ‘Strength’ by Arcana
- ‘The Robin Bridge’ by Seventh Dawn
- ‘Runes & Men’ by Death In June
- ‘Tears’ by Bunkerstrasse
- ‘The Sabbath’ by Asylum Party
- ‘Les Amants De Lucie’ by Lucie Cries
- ‘Technicolour’ by Charles De Goal
- ‘Evacuation Immediate’ by Exces Nocturne
- ‘Alan’s Waiting’ by Little Nemo
- ‘Echo Und Der Spiegel’ by Tanit
- ‘L’Echo Des Lumieres’ by Exces Nocturne
- ‘Joie Minimale’ by No Tears
- ‘Wax & Wane’ by The Cocteau Twins
- ‘Litanie a Satana’ by Il Giardino Violetto
- ‘Imprisoned Me’ by Garten Kirkhof
- ‘Yagi’ by L’Avis G821 with Jacquy Bitch
- ‘Another Girl’ by Screaming For Emily
- ‘Louise’ by Clan Of Xymox
- ‘Alive’ by Love & Rockets
- ‘Eternal Deep’ by Mephisto Walz
- ‘Kampfen’ by Stimmen der Stille
- ‘Begrab Mein Herz’ by X-Mal Deutchland
- ‘Santa Maria’ by Clair Obscur
- ‘Caucasian Walk’ by Virgin Prunes
- ‘Jipp’ by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
- ‘Louchald’ by Neva
- ‘In Her House’ by Screams For Tina
- ‘Locomotive Age’ by The Wake
- ‘Anwyn Beneath The Waves’ by Faith & The Muse
- ‘Sight’ by Dead Souls Rising
- ‘Bed Of Nails’ by Big Electric Cat

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