Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 15 July, 2009

- "emperor" by ah cama-sotz (the power of a new aeon)
- "ardera sempre" by miranda sex garden (suspiria)
- "i am" by attrition (from across this gray land vol.2)
- "musette & drums" by cocteau twins (the pink opaque)
- "spirital cramp" by christian death (only theatre of pain)*
- "mondlicht" by x-mal deutschland (tocsin)
- "new death" by voodoo church (unholy burial)
- "zeda" by clair obscure (pilgrim's progress)
- "ritual" by skeletal family (burning oil)
- "le retour du roi" by bunkerstrasse (bunker)
- "sadist sagittarius" by cinema strange (cinema strange)
- "hullucinogene" by deadchovsky (decadence revolution)
- "come fall" by lydia lunch & rowland s. howard (honeymoon in red)
- "last time i saw cole" by deadbolt (haight st hippie massacre)
- "shiny steel blade" by bain wolfkind (music for gangsters & lovers)

* feature album.

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