Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 1 July, 2009

- "the whip" by car crash international (the whip)
- "the flow of our spirit" by black tape for a blue girl (this lush garden within)
- "dreams of thee" by amber asylum (presumed guilty)
- "iago's demise" by faith & the muse (elyria)
- "blood bitch" by cocteau twins (garlands)
- "sorrow" by the cold (sonorium)
- "dream for mother" by christian death (only theatre of pain)*
- "creatre of habit" by redresser (ikon / redresser split 7")
- "love's (only) true defender" by beyond dawn (revelry)
- "chains of fear" by dronning maud land (alteration)
- "kind of madness" by drama of the spheres (drama of the spheres)
- "suitcase men" by bloody dead and sexy (narcotic room)
- "catarsis" by acid bats (exhumacion)
- "imagine" by alien skull paint (nobody dies twice 12")
- "gvdt" by front 242 (geography) **
- "coliseum" by the architect of european decay (l'appel de la muse, vol.2)

* our current feature release
** the only decent front 242 album

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