Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 27 August, 2008

- "street of dreams" by the damned (phantasmagoria)
- "a black rain" by red temple spirits (if tomorrow i were leaving for lhasa, i wouldn't stay a minute more)
- "decline & fall" by the virgin prunes (if i die, i die)
- "mouth to mouth" by the glove (blue sunshine)
- "medusa" by twisted nerve (eyes you can drown in)
- "slow drip lizard" by the march violets (the botanic verses)
- "sweet times burn" by de volanges (the outcast)
- "somewhere" by gitane demone (with love & dementia)
- "21 york street" by and also the trees (further form the truth)
- "subversion" by ikon (this quiet earth)

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