Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 21 January, 2009

- 'Ordeal' by Raison E'Etre (Prospectus I)
- 'Herb Girls Of Birkenay' by Rasputina (How We Quit The Forest)
- 'Wolves' by Ego Likeness (Water To The Dead)
- 'Sahara' by Stimmen Der Stille (Strobelights Vol 2)
- 'Curse' by 45 Grave (Ascension Magazine Sampler)
- 'Stimulacre' by Lacrima Necromanzia (Poisoned Dead Frogs)
- 'In Ruins' by Black Ice (Myopia)
- 'First Step' by Doppelganger (XII Steps)
- 'Haloes' by Christian Death (Death Club)
- 'Bright Lights In Cascades' by Pins And Needles (Victims)
- 'Fear' by The Red Crayon Aristocrat Club (Demo)
- 'Eternal Undone' by Butterfly Messiah (Priestess)
- '3 of Swords' by Crimson Boy (Dark Eyed and Starry They Were II)

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