Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 2 July, 2008

- "shadows" by ontario blue (shine)
- "at that hour" by all my faith lost (as you're vanishing in silence)
- "forever lost" by tragedy divine (demo)
- "cimmerian" by rosetta stone (foundation stones)
- "the irreal light of the sun" by the house of usher (what sweet music they make)
- "everyday i'm crucified" by the chameleons (the fan & the bellows)
- "a way" by the bolshoi (a way)
- "twisting man (brain pan mix)" by big electric cat (burning embers)
- "disco 4 the dead" by sneaky bat machine (disco 4 the dead)
- "skin" by man(i)kin (sem(i)nal)
- "elixir" by angelspit (krankhaus)
- "surveillance" by tankt (crash frequency vol.2)

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