Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 30 January, 2008

- "fleeting space" by vidna obmana (subterranean collective)
- "justified homicide" by snog (beyond the valley of the proles)
- "21 york street" by and also the trees (further from the truth)
- "le sandwiche glaque de montmarte" by deadchovsky (decadence revolution)
- "aftershock" by specimen (electric ballroom)
- "klaus" by one for jude (regeneration)
- "chapter & verse" by rosetta stone (foundation stones)
- "suicide drive" by the deep eynde (shadowland)
- "dracula's daughter" by penis flytrap (tales of terror)
- "il giardino violetto" by il giardino violetto (danse macabre)
- "chase is on" by pretentious, moi? (demo)

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