Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 20 August, 2008

- "thief in the night" by eve black eve white (myspace)
- "8 hours" by sixteens (the glacier)
- "ardera sempre" by miranda sex garden (suspiria)
- "serpent's serenade" by this ascension (sever)
- "indigo eyes" by peter murphy (love hysteria)
- "running up that hill" by faith & the muse (vera causa)
- "dawn of the idols" by blacklist (blacklist)
- "alive" by voices of masada (another day)
- "video killer" by funeral crashers (la fin absolue du monde)
- "creepy crawly" by screaming banshee aircrew (fishnet messiah)
- "into extremes" by clan of xymox (farewell)
- "flesh" by darkness visible (demo)

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