Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 3 October, 2007

- "double-barrel prayer" by diamanda galas (you must be certain of the devil)
- "from your heart" by screaming for emily (scriptures)
- "there are no snakes in heaven" by audra (going to the theatre)
- "giant" by 1919 (earth song)
- "locomotive age" by the wake (masked)
- "skin trade" by disjecta membra (achromaticia)
- "horror porn star" by astrovamps (gods & monsters)
- "eternal torture" by athamay (the pleasure of sin)
- "small & tired" by silke bischoff (silke bischoff)
- "clown (leather strip remix)" by switchblade symphony (clown) *for lily*
- "lightning fields" by slow pulse orchestra (dark eyed & starry they were)
- "son of a gun" by kmfdm (xtort)
- "create desire" by angelspit (krankhaus)
- "desolution" by orchestra infernale (dark eyed & starry they were)

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