Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 19 March, 2008

- "godzilla!" by the creatures (hai!)
- "christian soldiers" by rasputina (how we quit the forest)
- "burial of betrayal" by tenebrae (dark eyed and starry they were, vol.2)
- "the hanging garden" by stone 588 (15 imaginary songs)
- "adrenalin" by bauhaus (go away white)
- "et moi" by one for jude (regeneration)
- "twisted" by xymox (phoenix of my heart)
- "young soldier" by kiss the blade (young soldier 12")
- "building boxes" by children on stun (mondo weird)
- "step down" by voices of masada (four corners)
- "hypoxia" by velvet acid christ (utopia dystopia)
- "make the little flowers grow" by snog (buy me... i'll change your life)

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