Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 25 June, 2008

- "circles of mania" by coil (horse rotorvator)
- "mr. clarinet" by the birthday party (hee-haw)
- "the wait" by killing joke (killing joke)
- "super heroine theme" by super heroines (cry for help)
- "lifeless" by ikon (lifeless)
- "pleasure" by the redresser (such is life)
- "in hollywood tonight" by audra (audra)
- "losing mountains" by scissor pretty (are you home?)
- "condemnation" by gothic sex (divided we fall)
- "irresistable" by two witches (talvenaika)
- "elixir" by angelspit (crash frequency 02)
- "hatesong" by cubanate (cyberia)

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