Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 31 December, 2008

- "a song of forgotten places" by friends of alice ivy (hereafter moth)
- "jack davey" by brillig (jack davey)
- "klaus" by one for jude (regeneration)
- "niemandsland" by quidam (pull the strings)
- "delerium" by skeleton sex (sexy zombies)
- "scarlet woman bleeding in my mouth" by la peste negra (voices from beyond)
- "nuit d'octbre" by crimson muddle (3 titres)
- "suitcase men" by bloody dead & sexy (bats from europe)
- "masquerade" by vendemmian (transition)
- "eyelash" by big electric cat (eyelash)
- "punch drunk love" by the stripper project (reasons not to go to work)
- "ransylvanian concubine (yes sir, mr, sir mix (club mix))" by rasputina (transylvanian regurgitations)
- "celebration (chocolate starfish mix)" by children on stun (celebration)

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