Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 12 November, 2008

- "i should throw myself under a train" by soul whirling somewhere (pyewackit)
- "eternally" by clan of xymox (breaking point)
- "this bleeding heart" by vendemmian (new alternatives II)
- "figurative theatre" by christian death (only theatre of pain)
- "drowning in the dark" by libitina (a closer communion)
- "pervers party" by amduscia (madness in abyss)*
- "why didn't you tell me?" by dysmorphic (demo)*
- "angel (2)" by ophidian (betrayed by daylight)*
- "point of no return" by C/A/T (point of no return)*
- "stabbed in the face" by wolf eyes (burned mind)*
- "coma" by converter (shock front)*
- "stomp the clubbers" by mechanised convulsions (no sense makes sense)*

* = guest dj

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