Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 23 July, 2008

- "scylla & charybdis" by cruciform (the renaissance within)
- "pscine ἁ tokyo" by opera multi steel (cathedrale)
- "shout & scream" by sex gang children (song & legend)
- "sharp teeth, pretty teeth" by specimen (azoic)
- "(you got the) hots for christ" by ausgang (last exit... the best of ausgang)
- "talk about the weather" by red lorry yellow lorry (the very best of...)
- "looking back" by voices of masada (another day)
- "fearless vampire killers" by a spectre is haunting europe (astonishing tales of the sea)
- "shame" by xymox (blind hearts 12")
- "protean dreams" by girls under glass (equilibrium)
- "liberator" by spear of destiny (one eyed jacks)

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