Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 9 July, 2008

- "bacchanal" by psychonaut (the witche's sabbath)
- "tiny" by sunday munich (pneuma)
- "strange birds" by ostia (between two cities)
- "she bleeds rubies" by magick daggers (demo)
- "step down" by voices of masada (four corners)
- "filthy wonderful" by the stripper project (demo)
- "object" by deadman (poisoned dead frogs)
- "laughing at your pain" by zero le creche (last year's wife - the collection)
- "dig it" by skinny puppy (dig it)
- "hate everyone (the ballad of yuki-chan)" by g.g. alan bindig (kitty-chan lullabies)

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