Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 15 October, 2008

- "watch & wait" by corpulance on the catwalk (demo)
- "somewhat previous" by brillig (nervous tissue)
- "echoes" by friends of alice ivy (hereafter moth)
- "lamentations psychotiques" by crimson muddle (3 titres)
- "in the lonely trees" by strange boutique (the collection 1988 - 1994)
- "falling" by zero le creche (last year's wife the collection)
- "song & legend" by sex gang children (song & legend)
- "the love" by screaming for emily (scriptures)
- "back door" by clan of xymox (medusa)
- "jule's memories" by the red crayon artistocrat club (self titled ep)
- "frau i'm see" by bloody dead & sexy (paint it red)
- "whore mill - a game of fear" by gotterdammerung (of whores & culture)

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