Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 19 November, 2008

- "the wayfaring stranger" by ego likeness (water to the dead)
- "in hollywood tonight" by audra (audra)
- "stranger" by slam cam (dark eyed and starry they were)
- "delerium" by skeleton sex (the sexy zombies (trapped in a cobweb))
- "madre nella veglia" by la vene di lucretia (la vene di lucretia)
- "punch drunk love" by the stripper project (reasons not to go to work)
- "safe little world" by die laughing (heaven in decline)
- "satan's place" by scraping foetus off the wheel (hole)
- "i give to you" by nitzer ebb (ebbhead)
- "machines" by butterfly messiah (it's time)
- "blossom" by stark (brave new desire)
- "draining faces" by skinny puppy (cleanse, fold & manipulate)

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