Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 30 July, 2008

- "almagordo / miriam pain" by andi sexgang (god on a rope)
- "the vampire club" by voltaire (boo hoo)
- "waters" by wings of destiny (where darkness falls)
- "blue movie" by mr underhill (phantasm drive-in)
- "tiny monsters & furry little creatures" by new days delay (new dark age vol.1)
- "freakshow" by kindred spirits (no room for laughter)
- "crimson rain" by camp z & mighty jam (sexy zombies 1)
- "wild" by diary of dreams (psychoma)
- "one grain of sand" by snog (the last days of rome)
- "lost at sea" by snog (the last days of rome)
- "iovnow" by ohgr (sunnypsyop)
- "atmosphere" by joy divison (the best of joy division)

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