Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playlist - 28 October, 2009

- 'Fleeting Space' by Vidna Obmana (Subterranean Collective)
- 'Winter Room' by Big Electric Cat (Dreams Of A Mad King) *
- 'L'Envoi Morts' by Stone 588 (Midnight Claret)
- 'So This Is Silence' by And Also The Trees (And Also The Trees)
- 'Nine Hours Later' by Lycia (Appearances Volume 1)
- 'Anwyn Beneath The Waves' by Faith & The Muse (Anwyn Beneath The Waves)
- 'Harlequin' by Die Laughing (Glamour And Suicide)
- 'Lesbiche Voodoo Teenager' by Norma Loy (Psychic Altercation / Rewind)
- 'This Old Oscillator' by A Spectre Is Haunting Europe (Flames)
- 'Nuit D'Octobre' by Crimson Muddle (3 Titres)
- 'Bodyless' by Yendri (Inhaliere Meine Seele Und Stirb)
- 'Deadsong' by Mekrokiev (Saint Stra)

* feature album

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