Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 5 August, 2009

- 'Obsession' by Siouxsie And The Banshees (A Kiss In The Dreamhouse)
- 'NBS Act 1 - Begraving' by MZ 412 (The Absolute Supper)
- 'Where I End And You Begin' by Desiderii Marginis (That Which Is Tragic And Timeless)
- 'Medea Of Nowhere' by Shinjuku Thief (Medea)
- 'I Was Me' by The Creatures (Anima Animus)
- 'Rusty Haloes' by Machine In The Garden (Out Of The Mists)
- 'Echo Und Der Spiegel' by Tanit (To Alaska 12")
- 'Hoax' by The Veil (Surrender)
- 'Kickin' Up The Sawdust' by Bone Orchard (Stuffed To the Gills 12")
- 'Sat On A Wall' by Radio Scarlet (The SS Loverride)
- 'Sogni Dimenticati' by Madre del Vizio (Antonomasia)
- 'Goblin's Market' by Quidam (Barking, Mewing, Hissing & Mocking)
- 'Like A Demon (Mrs Beasleybub Mix)' by Loretta's Doll (New Alternatives 4)

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