Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 2 January, 2008

- "take my hand" by g.g. alan bindig (nightfall)
- "begin journey (rejiggered)" by dandelion wine (light streaming down)
- "omnes gentes plaudite (the drinking song)" by medieval babes (undrentide)
- "bandar" by impressions of winter (deceptive springs and fading landscapes)
- "birth - fiendish figuration" by sopor aeturnus (ich töte mich jedesmal aufs neue, doch ich bin unsterblich, und ich erstehe wieder auf; in einer vision des untergangs)
- "haunting" by pretentious moi? (demo)
- "a dry year" by all living fear (new dark age vol.4)
- "stranger to none" by all living fear (minimum resistance)
- "lillies" by creaming jesus (the end of an era (aide de memoir))
- "the angel's lament" by the baroness & love lies bleeding (dark eyed and starry they were)
- "exterminating angel" by the creatures (anima animus)
- "voodoo bayou" by spiral dance (warts 'n' all)

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