Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 14 November, 2007

- "beneath the icy floe" by black tape for a blue girl (a chaos of desire)
- "forgo" by love spirals downards (idylls)
- "elysium" by claire voyant (time & the maiden)
- "wizbang !" by thatch noir (dirge & serenade)
- "telecommunication" by blitz (second empire justice)
- "pale empress" by the merry thoughts (millenium done 1: empire songs)
- "secret & sin" by sanguis et cinis (amnesia)
- "it's time" by butterfly messiah (eternal)
- "honey sucker" by nekromantik (honey sucker)
- "lichtung" by reversal penetrations (cut up violation)
- "2d" by covenant (europa)
- "draining faces" by skinny puppy (cleanse fold and manipulate)

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