Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 6 May, 2009

- "lorelei" by cocteau twins (treasure)
- "one last breath" by black tape for a blue girl (a chaos of desire)
- "victory surrender" by ostara (the only solace)
- "taqaharu's leaving" by peter ulrich (pathways and dawns)
- "dreams in the witchhouse" by hexeden (bullet proof divas)
- "bloody sons for the devil" by lacrima necromanzia (cells)
- "bichos (remix)" by quidam (pull the strings)
- "a white holocaust" by chants of maldoror (every mask tells the truth)
- "lucidite" by mekrokiev (saint stra)
- "bad girl" by rocket to memphis (hip shakin' voodoo)
- "through the devil's eyes" by lonesome kings (sunday morning hymns)
- "talk shit spit blood" by the merry widows (revenge served cold)
- "rawkillbilly baby" by psycho charger (horror rawkillbilly!!!)
- "hiding face" by bahntier (bats from europe vol.1)

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