Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 11 March, 2009

- 'Chant Of The Forgiven' by Ontario Blue (Shine)
- 'La Fee Verte' by Dreamchild (La Fee Verte)
- 'Belarmino's Dictionary' by Louisa John-Krol (Alexandria)
- 'My Name Is Poison' by Bain Wolfkind (Music For Lovers & Gangsters)
- 'In My Coffin' by Cult Of The Psychic Fetus (Funeral Home Sessions)
- 'Vampire Bar Fight' by The Cryptomaniacs (Yells From The Crypt)
- 'October Slowly Dying' by Diemonsterdie (Only The Dead Will Survive)
- 'Necrobabe' by Crimson Ghosts (Leaving The Tomb)
- 'Frenezie' by Neva (Cobwebs compilation)
- 'Crash!' by Les Modules Etranges (I See It Now EP)
- 'Disgraceful' by Quidam (Pull The Strings)
- 'Nobody Dies Twice' by Alien Skull Paint (Nobody Dies Twice 12")
- 'Slow Drip Lizard' by March Violets (Botanic Verses)
- 'She's In Parties' by Bauhaus (Burning From The Inside)

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