Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 29 October, 2008

- "the reasons why" by the cure (4:13 dream)
- "phantom's theme" by brillig (jack davey)
- "black glitter" by dandelion wine (an inexact science)
- "night time" by killing joke (night time)
- "too many questions" by frustration (poisoned dead frogs)
- "sahasrara's crown" by thatch noir (dirge & serenade)
- "psycho magnet" by london after midnight (psycho magnet)
- "lilacs" by specimen (electric ballroom)
- "love will tear us apart" by joy division (love will tear us apart 12") **
- "whispers" by joy disaster (paranoia)
- "ghostriders (in the sky)" by the dark violence of beauty (at the sign of the pink flamingos)

** - dedication / request

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