Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 2 September, 2009

- "anaka" by XVII vie (storm the palace)
- "autumn" by all my faith lost (as you're vanishing in silence)
- "hunting for the black september" by ordo rosarius equilbrio (make love & war the wedlock of roses)
- "il trionfo di bacco e arianna" by camerate mediolanense (looking for europe - the neo-folk compendium)
- "knave" by nete (greatest non-hits)
- "the babysitter murders" by brother orchid (the babysitter murders)
- "crucifixion" by actifed (gothic rock 3)
- "bleeding in my arms" by frank the baptist (different degrees of empty)
- "suffer the wild dogs" by autumn (autumn)
- "desperate hell" by christian death (only theater of pain)*
- "will you?" by violet stigmata (dyskronik circus)
- "a push away from falling" by razorfade (liberation)
- "ghost squads" by psych carni (scanner darkly)

* feature album

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