Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 16 September, 2009

- "devil" by modele martial (untitled split demo with bunkerstrasse)
- "isabella" by medieaval baebes (undrentide)
- "adrenaline" by non compos mentis (profound protection)
- "back door" by clan of xymox (medusa)
- "key of king solomon" by garten kirkhof (le dormeur)
- "new skin" by new skin (new skin)
- "mute idol" by doppelganger (xii steps to inhumanity)
- "kissing your poison" by the empire hideous (only time will tell)
- "whose fault" by voodoo church (unholy burial)
- "poppies screen the light" by sleeping children (lullabies for debauchery)
- "train" by wunderlich ausgang (to)
- "death has tasted blood" by cemetary girlz (cemetary girlz ep)

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