Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 29 July, 2009

- "trial of the beast" by dawn of reflection (defend the palace)
- "invisible" by unto ashes (saturn return)
- "primrose" by mors syphilitica (primrose)
- "why?" by eden (dark eyed & starry they were)
- "heaven street" by death in june (heaven street ep)
- "the trial" by dead can dance (dead can dance)
- "resurrection - sixth communion" by christian death (only theatre of pain)*
- "black generation" by pavillon 7b (untitled)
- "flowers of romance" by public image limited (flowers of romance)
- "the sabbath" by asylum party (borderline)
- "sheet metal eyes" by the wake (masked)
- "masquerade (the watershed)" by vendemmian (transition)
- "collapsing new people (berlin mix)" by fad gadget (collapsing new people 12" (extended versions))

* feature album

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