Saturday, October 10, 2009

Playlist - 20 February, 2008

- "devil" by endura (the power of a new aeon)
- "inanna" by louisa john-krol (argo)
- "visions" by faith & the muse (the burning season)
- "kiss of the succubus" by the new york room (1991-1995)
- "thirteen layers of heaven" by burmonter (demain)
- "retaliate (the house of usher remix)" by inertia (the dark side of electronica)
- "barbaric breath" by morthem vlade art (herbo dou diable)
- "you'll end up looking like the scary bitches" by scary bitches (new dark age vol.1)
- "children go bang" by nekromantik (fairy catcher)
- "the hellfire sermon" by dawn of oblivion (mephisto's appealing)
- "tears" by the mists of avalon (tears)
- "paris skies (remix)" by big electric cat (burning embers)
- "die out by the sea (club remix)" by untoten (dress code black)
- "levanah" by leviathan (illusions of life in the womb)

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