Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 1 May, 2002

- "Mundus Furibundus (Carmina Burana)" by Ataraxia (Historiae)
- "Shariah" by Garden of Delight (Radiant Sons)
- "Goddesses" by The Dreamside (Faery Child)
- "Sand" by Blade Fetish (Absinthe)
- "Drool (Mother)" by Switchblade Symphony (The Black Bible Comp.)
- "Two Missing" by Sunday Munich (Pneuma)
- "Somnabule" by Fiction 8 (Chaotica)
- "Alice" by Sisters of Mercy (Alice 12")
- "I Wish (Remix)" by This Ascension (Sever)
- "The Swine (Extended)" by Suspiria* (Allegedly 12" EP)
- "Crematoria" by Fockewolf (Die Toten Weg)
- "Once Amid A Dream" by Dark Muse (Sounds From Beyond The Silver Wheel)

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