Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 12 February, 2003

- "A Slaughter of Roses" Death in June (Take Care and Control)
- "Nightfall" The Breath of Life (Lost Children)*
- "Sarajevo" Artica (Ombra e Luce)
- "Delilah" Dance on Glass (Day Dreaming)
- "In the Shadow of Night" Beltane (demo)**
- "Follow the White Line" Circle Clan (Follow the White Line)
- "XLS" Sobriquet (July)
- "The Slope" Morthem Vlade Art (Photography in Things)
- "Angel of Death" Fading Colours (Metal Hammer comp.)**
- "Amok" Diary of Dreams (Freak Perfume)
- "We Are Going to Eat You" The Cadavers (The Cadavers)
- "Wasp Woman" Antiworld (Collection)
- "Aeon" Nothus Filius Mortis (The Power of a New Aeon comp.)

* Artist of the Month
** Request

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