Friday, October 9, 2009

Playlist - 13 February, 2002

Guest: DJ Aaron (Slave to the Grave)

- "Strobelights" Alien Skull Paint (Appearing From the Inside)
- "War Child" The Eternal Afflict (War)
- "Tsunami (Mudra Mix)" Rhea's Obsession (Re:Initiation)
- "Neverland V.2" Bella Morte (Witchcraft Comp.)
- "Darkland Awakening" Subterfuge (Darkland Awakening)
- "Lost In Side" Machine In the Garden (One Winters Night)
- "Agony" Garden of Delight (Agony CDS)
- "Discotechque Necronomicon" Killing Miranda (Transgression By Numbers)
- "Seeing Things" Nocturne (Twilight)
- "Life As Art" Gotterdammerung (Morphia)
- "This Corrosion" Sisters of Mercy (This Corrosion 7")
- "Mercy Mile" One (Walk The Mercy Mile)
- "Der Gefalleng Engel" Blood Axis (The Pact of the Gods Comp.)

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